Reset wp password from database easily

If you forget your wp password and unable to access your email. So in that case you can reset your wp password easily from database.

Follow the instructions

If you know your database name , then skip the first step

  1. First Step: Finding the database from wp-config.php
    1. Go to your cpanel or hosting panel from there go to file manager.
    2. Inside file manager you will  the wp files (usually inside the public_html or www directory)
    3. From there find the file wp-config.php From here there is line similar like define( ‘DB_NAME’, ‘example_wp622’ ); here you can find your database name
  2. Second Step: Change the password
    1. Now from cpanel go to your phpmyadmin
    2. After phpmyadmin load click on the database
    3. find the table wp_users ( here wp_ is the prefix , which usually used) & click on this.
    4. Inside it you will find some rows, where you can see the user_login & user_email
    5. Now click edit , to the specific row , which user you want to edit .
    6. Now there you will see a field name : user_pass , there you will see a dropdown called function . Click the dropdown select MD5 and write your password in the input box.
    7. Bellow click GO button .

Excellent your password has been changed.  Enjoy!!

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